Signs You Could Need Professional Credit Repair Help

November 9, 2018
Shawn Lane
Consumer Credit Expert

Bad credit is not only embarrassing and frustrating, it can also close a lot of doors. With bad credit you could have a difficult time qualifying for loans, landing a job, securing affordable insurance coverage, or even providing a place to live for yourself and your family. In addition to all of these potential problems, bad credit can be expensive. When you have bad credit you can generally expect to pay higher interest fees, higher monthly payments, and higher insurance premiums.

Although ignoring credit problems may be tempting, pretending that those issues do not exist is a mistake. If you have credit problems the only decision you really should be making is how you plan to address them – on your own or with the help of a professional. Here are some signs that you might benefit from professional credit repair.

Sign #1: You’re Too Afraid to Check Your Credit

Avoiding things that cause you pain is a normal human instinct. Yet the truth is that ignoring your credit problems will only keep you locked inside a vicious cycle. If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of facing your credit problems alone, it may be a sign that professional credit repair help is right for you.

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Sign #2: You’ve Been Denied for Financing or Services

Although it is in your best interest to regularly check your 3 credit reports and scores, often people do not realize they have a credit problem until an application for financing or services is denied. When you are turned down for services or financing due to your credit, there is typically reason to be concerned and a chat with a credit repair professional is probably warranted.

Sign #3: You Need a Co-Signer

Has a lender ever asked you to provide a co-signer when you applied for a new loan? If so, it could very well be an indication that you have credit problems. When you are asked to provide a co-signer it often indicates that the lender is uncomfortable with the risk of doing business with you alone. Sometimes co-signers are required for income purposes, but often the request is due to troubling information found on your credit reports or perhaps your credit scores.

Sign #4: You’re Being Hounded by Debt Collectors

If you cannot go more than a few weeks without receiving a call or letter from a collection agency, it is likely that your credit is in bad shape. When creditors sell or turn your debts over to collection agencies it is typically not long before those derogatory debts are added to your credit reports. A credit repair professional may be able to help you verify the accuracy of these debts, dispute incorrect and questionable information, and perhaps come up with a settlement strategy for others.

Should You Try to Repair Your Credit Yourself?

You always have the right to try to repair credit problems on your own (and you should be wary of any company that does not inform you of that right). Yet just because you can try to do something on your own does not mean that the DIY approach is necessarily best.

Correcting errors on your credit reports and avoiding mistakes while you work to improve your credit can be a long, tedious process. If you feel too overwhelmed or too busy to try to tackle your credit issues alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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